About Hazakim

Hazakim is Hebrew for "strong ones". They are a messianic Jewish hip-hop group based in Florida.


All of creation groans with achin’ bones,
we wait and long for the day that His face is shown.


Mike & Tony


As a kid Mike never imagined himself becoming an emcee; being more drawn to classic jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Coltrane, Ellington, and Vince Guaraldi. Hearing the Cross Movement’s debut album, Heaven’s Mentality, changed all that. He wrote his first rhyme after hearing an agnostic rapper challenging the validity of Scripture—that rhyme became Liar Lunatic Lord or Legend—Hazakim’s first song…he hasn’t stopped since.


Falling in love with socially conscious east coast rap as a kid, Tony began writing rhymes of his own at the young age of 10. In addition to writing lyrics, Tony also found a voice in producing and arranging music for the group (with Mike also contributing from time to time). Incorporating the sounds of his upbringing, and the many cultural influences that make Hazakim who they are, Tony has helped to forge a unique musical backdrop for the duo’s lyrics.

 "Dang, Hazakim! Why do you guys always have to be so serious? Why can't you limit your posts to album promos, inspirational memes, selfies and hashtag campaigns?" We wish we could....it's just getting too real out here ya'll! Let's pray for our brothers and sisters and expose the lies of demonic doctrine....soon, we may not be able to ignore it. Who, along with us, cries out "even so Lord come quickly"? Can we get an #amen ?  You know who you are. :)
   Don't be predictable. Be exceptional. Book Hazakim in 2015. :)
 Today is our grandmother's birthday. We miss you Maw! It's a tough day for our Mother...time doesn't take away the pain but our Lord is faithful to comfort those who mourn. And in His heavenly presence we are perpetually in our prime! So it is written.  #RIP #AndraeCrouch. You glorified God on the earth..now rest in Him. Thanks for the timeless classics.
 A day of Shabbat fellowship and street evangelism with dollar bill tracts. While the masses dance to the familiar tune of the instant gratification , let's be different. Let's be a light. Share the #Gospel.  The airhorn is to your ear! Go check out this #Remix #MashUp.