Every time I get a fresh Jesus tee in the mail or from Berean (local Christian bookstore) I get so amped and can’t wait to rock it. Sometimes I want to put it on right away and go somewhere to show it off. But then I think, I can’t wear it now. It’s already 6pm and at the very most I’ll just be going to the local supermarket tonight. So I think to myself, when’s the next time I’m going to be going to multiple places or somewhere where’s hundreds of people would be able to see who saved me? Some of my favorite places to wear my Jesus Tees are;

  1. The Mall
  2. The Coffee Shop
  3. The Fair or Local Event
  4. The Supermarket
  5. The Gym
  6. Target or Wal-mart
  7. The Swap Meet
  8. The Dog Park
  9. The Beach
  10. Restaurants

Jesus has done a lot for me and this world is trying to erase Him like He isn’t still actively working in people lives. Some people need to be reminded that He loves them. So whenever I get a chance I gotta rock my Jesus Tee.

Just remember, setting a good example when wearing your Christian tshirts amplifies it.


Hazakim Webpage: Word What We Believe – Pulled from April 17th 2003 Archive

What does Hazakim mean? We attend Beth Messiah Congregation, and are involved in the Messianic (Jews who believe in Jesus) movement. We feel that the culture and context of the Gospel message is essential, thus Hazakim incorporates Messianic elements into their music and ministry, and carry a Hebrew name. Hazakim (Chazakim) is the Hebrew word meaning “Strong Ones”, or “Men of Strength”. This name reflects the call of Rav Shaul (Paul) in 1 Corinthians 16:13, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.” Hazakim is a name we strive to live up to in Yeshua. We also realize, that we have no strength without God. For the scriptures state in Isaiah 12:2 “Surely God is my Salvation (Yeshua, I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation (Yeshua).” Therefore, in our ministry, we look to God for EVERYTHING, and trust not in ourselves.

Why Hip-Hop? Besides the fact that we love hip-hop culture, and have been involved in it for more than a decade, we chose hip-hop, not only for it’s large and ever-growing influence on young and old alike, but it’s ability to allow complete expression. No other form of music, in our opinion, allows such a platform to freely express a point. And so, because Hazakim is all about the message of Messiah in our lyrics, what better way to express it than the poetic form of hip-hop? In hip-hop, one can preach a sermon, or teach a lesson, without the constraints of traditional music boundaries. We also believe that ALL music is GOD’s and that although it has been perverted by men, and Satan, that GOD still gets the glory when the music points to Him and His son. Thus the birth of Hazakim, and Hip-Hologetics, a revolution to defend the faith of the gospel, and shine light into the darkness. To dispell the myths concerning Yeshua. To confront man with his sin, and offer the atonement of sin through Yeshua the Messiah.


Theophanies: A Great Album by Hazakim (2003)

  1. Intro
  2. Fulfillment (Ben Joseph, Ben David)
  3. Genesis 18
  4. Brace Yourself
  5. Shamayim of Gold
  6. Salvation Plan – featuring Stephen the Levite
  7. Theophanies Interlude
  8. Genesis 32
  9. Mercy – featuring MuzeOne
  10. Eighties Mix
  11. Heavy Laden – featuring Dwayne O’Dell
  12. Uncut & Raw
  13. Exodus 3
  14. Passover Lamb
  15. Crucifixion Description
  16. Risen – featuring Shai Linne
  17. Judges 32
  18. Only Hope
  19. Kadosh (Conclusion)
  20. Summary of the Evidence w/Dr. Michael Brown
  21. Outro

Come back Hazakim!